AKT Management 



Introducing the talent of tomorrow


We are always on the look out for new clients with a keen interest in seeking work.

If you are a performer aged 18+ with formal training or a guardian of a young performer aged 4+ and seeking representation or further information regarding AKT please get in touch!

When seeking Representation we will require

For 18+ adult clients: Spotlight link, C.V & headshot, Showreel and any supporting material should be sent to

​For young performers

  • An industry standard headshot (If new to the industry a head & shoulder shot against a plain background will suffice for the consideration stages)


  • A basic CV stated Age, Playing age, D.O.B, Height, Eye & Hair colour, Nationality, Location, Native Accent and where still in education - LEA.

Please also list any previous experience, Skills and standard of each discipline along with any training.

We also like to get a feel for who you really are so a brief paragraph outlining you as a person and performer, we also like to know any strong interests or hobbies, sports etc.

To find out more please Email: